Is Freemium a good fit for me? 3 questions to answer.

Over the last ten years or so, many software entrepreneurs and internet startups have found tremendous success using the “Freemium” pricing model. “Freemium”- a hybrid word consisting of “free” and “premium” is a dynamic model that when executed properly can help scale up most software operations in a relatively short period of time.

How to analyze Facebook ad performance

How to analyze Facebook ad performance
August 2, 2017
Carlos D

It is super important for any small business owner looking for new customers to look into Facebook Advertising. With billions of active global users, Facebook cannot be ignored as a means to get your message out to a large audience. Also, when executed correctly, Facebook offers a far less expensive platform compared to Google or Bing. It is advisable for any small business owner to invest some resources into running Facebook ads.

Top 3 GIS Application Built Specifically For Small Business Owners and Marketers

Although most small business owners have, over the years become masters at generating new business, most do not pay much attention to the analytical aspects of customer acquisition. For the most part, as small business owners, we have identified a few steps that usually lead to sales. We place an ad in the paper announcing a promotion, we devote some marketing dollars to a descent Facebook ad, etc.

How to Reduce Expenses and Save Money: 3 Items You Can do without

The best strategy in personal budgeting is to keep track of past spending and plug the leaks. Personal budget items such as housing, food, groceries, clothing, and personal care are considered basic. However, without being keen, other important but not necessary items may creep into our budgets.

5 Best Online Stock Brokers

Several online Stock brokerage houses offer cash bonuses to consumers who want to open accounts. These bonuses can be anywhere from a couple of bucks to several hundred dollars. Although $600 from Merrill Edge ( if you open an account with a minimum of $200,000) can be an awesome thing, I would argue that it might be better, long-term to look at brokers who offer other perks like lower stock or ETF trading fees.