Top 5 predictive dialers

A big part of every salesperson’s daily business activities is making phone calls to prospective customers. How big a part of your day talking on the phone is really depends on what kinds of products or services you offer and/or how you communicate with your prospects…


Three Steps to Cold Calling Success

Cold calling саn bе the ultіmаtе hurdle fоr уоu іf you have a fеаr оf even talking tо реорlе. Yet not devoting resources and time to this task саn make or brеаk уоu іn уоur business as an indie agent. I often meet with dedicated agents who are all for building a successful practice but more often than not admit that they don’t know how to cold call.

Increase your conversion rate with Google Remarketing

Here is a very common scenario: you do a generic search for a type of service or product by visiting the first company that shows up on the search results, you then spend some time on the company’s website and get distracted by another task that requires your attention, You close that browser and attend to the rest of your day.

Top 20 Salesforce Integrations You Should Know About

Salesforce is “hands down” the 800 pound guerrilla in the room when it comes to the cloud CRM space. headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company has a Market Cap of $55 billion and boasts over 1 million Enterprise customers across its multiple platforms. The Salesforce platforms has become ubiquitous, and no matter the industry you are currently in, you are probably using a products created and/or owned by the company.