Budgeting 101: How to Build a Budget

A good personal budget should include an emergency and savings fund. The best strategy in personal budgeting is to keep track of past spending and take keen note of the loop holes. Personal budget items such as housing, food, groceries, clothing, and personal care are considered basic. However, without being keen, other important, but not necessary items may creep into our budgets. Such items would include debt repayment, entertainment, and household shopping.  Related: How To Make Some Extra

5 Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

Every business owner knows that you can never have enough paying customers. Customer acquisition is ranked very high among entrepreneurs across different industries.  While most of a firm’s resources are spent on acquiring new customers, it is important to realize that creating brand loyalty is a very inexpensive way to increase sales while maintain a relatively low cost structure.  There are several things you can do to reduce attrition among customers.  Here are just 5 ways you can keep the