Sponsoring an Event? 3 Things To Consider

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, sponsoring an event is a quick and effective way to get your name out there in the community. In fact, which type of event you attach your brand to can, indeed go a long way to helping shape the nature of your brand.


5 Tips for Starting a Successful Business

Personally, I love the idea of owning and running my own business. Probably this passion for owning a business is fueled by the numerous benefits it brings. I get freedom and full control on how I use my time. I work when I want and most importantly, I can affect the amount of revenue generated by my activities.

6 Surefire Business Survival Strategies

You might think running a business is a walk in the park. While this is true during good economic times, tough times, however, can knock you off your feet making you feel like quitting. Change in technology can significantly reduce your sales which in turn leads to a reduction in profits. A sluggish economy can also negatively affect your business.

4 Reasons Why Competition Is Good For Your Business

I cannot count how many times I have heard entrepreneurs tell me how great their business idea is, because “There is no competition”.
I used to think that the lack of competitors in any particular vertical was a good sign; You know, I would make a killing because “I would be the only one selling remote controlled trash cans in this town”. Chances are, your idea is not a particularly good fit in your market, hence the lack of competition.