How to analyze Facebook ad performance

How to analyze Facebook ad performance
August 2, 2017
Carlos D

It is super important for any small business owner looking for new customers to look into Facebook Advertising. With billions of active global users, Facebook cannot be ignored as a means to get your message out to a large audience. Also, when executed correctly, Facebook offers a far less expensive platform compared to Google or Bing. It is advisable for any small business owner to invest some resources into running Facebook ads.


Facebook Launches The Facebook Journalism Project to fight “Fake news”

Facebook rolled out a slew of new tools this week. A bulk of these new features are aimed at assisting journalists generate new ad revenues and also to combat the growing issue of “Fake news”. The company stated that these new efforts are meant to ” establish stronger ties” with the media. They detailed the thinking, goals and ambitions for their new tools in a blog post. The Facebook Journalism Project will create a symbiotic platform on which journalists and the company (Facebook) can work

Facebook decides to Monetize Video

Former users of Vine and current users of Snapchat and other video apps now have another thing to celebrate. Facebook, this week announced that they will be testing a new  ad placement  format to monetize videos. So, the feature will give video publishers the ability to insert ads in their videos. Watchers will see these ads after 20+ seconds of watching video. The company however, has announced several stipulations. Publishers be ware that videos must be at least 90 seconds to qualify. Some

3 Unknown (But True) Things About Facebook Marketing

I remember a time when it was almost impossible to get your message out there online without advertising on Google Adsense. These were the good old nineties. The formula for attracting online traffic for your eCommerce biz was to build a website and advertise with Google. There really was no way to determine who saw your ad, where they were located, or what their interests were.It is now possible to decide exactly who gets to see your online ad. The magic of pinpointing your prospects is

Facebook Investors Slam Marc Andreessen‬‬ For Conflict of Interest

Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg went to shareholders of Facebook this year and asked them to allow him control of decisions at the firm even if he sold most of his stock.  The move  would benefit Zuckerberg because it would allow him sell Facebook stock to fund his philanthropic acts while still being able to be the main decision-making authority in the company. This would also hurt investors because it limited their ability to maintain control of the company at any point. For their part, some

The 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

To understand the most effective ways Facebook can be used as a marketing tool for your business, we must first consider a couple of things. The first of which is that most folks on Facebook are typically not actively looking to make a purchase.